We are a professional Hair, Spa and Beauty clinic in the heart of Sutherland Shire.

Step into the world of Shanga. A place to relax and recharge all while turning back the hands of time with cutting edge technology and blissfull spa facials. A full service salon offering the best in natural hair and beauty!

In this modern age, it’s easy to lose touch with yourself. It’s time to take a “me” break and surrender to the pleasurable sensations and rejuvenating effects of a spa treatment. Indulge in a restorative Swedish massage that will help loosen your muscles and relieve tension. Or why not try a Renewal facial, designed to help smooth and hydrate the skin, ease tension, revive tired feet and bring balance to your state of being. Let the careful and attentive staff at Shanga Spa & Hair Bar carry you away to a blissful physical state, so you can forget about the stresses and exertions of your everyday life, at least for an hour or two. Your appearance and your state of mind are sure to benefit.


Joanne Nicholls: Spa/ Dermal Therapist |Senior Stylist

Owner / Founder

Meet Joanne, the proud owner of Shanga Spa & Bar. With many years of experience in the hair & beauty industry, Joanne still loves the positive contributions she makes to the lives of those who enter the sanctuary of Shanga. Joanne concentrates primarily on facials (both botanical and high tech equipment based) loving the ability to make a real difference to the way people look and feel through their treatments, empowering confidence in her clients, which is reflected in a beautiful glow. She is frequently seen helping out in the hair department (25 yrs hairdressing experience) and the spa.

With skin health being so directly aligned with internal health, Joanne thrives on holistic beauty practice, choosing products which facilitate and support this principle.

Jo’s favourite products:

>> A-new Serum – anything packed full of concentrated vitamins, antioxidants & peptides to future proof my skin against ageing.

>>Papaya Enzyme Peel – This is transformation in a bottle!

Go-to gift: I love the Miss Vitality Teas, a great way of Introducing people to the “Time for me”, “time for tea” ritual.

What Jo takes on holiday: I take away all my products with me, wherever I go as I can’t live without them. This can sometimes be a disadvantage as it almost takes up half my suitcase.



Kaitlyn Nicholls

Hair Stylist | Colourist | Makeup Artist

Meet Katy, our skilled makeup artist, hair stylist, brow tech and the guiding force behind the hairdressing team.

Katy started in the hair & beauty industry working with her mum from an early age. After leaving school, Katy began her career as a beauty therapist. Although she still loves beauty therapy, she quickly realised her true calling was makeup and hair. For Katy, helping people achieve their makeup goals and creating beautiful hair is her passion, she also is a brow specialist which ties in nicely with her love of makeup. Katy enjoys working on location for editorial and fashion shoots and has built quite a following in this area.

Katy’s favourite products:

>> Purifying Cleanser is right up there, it leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh

>> Shanga Body Wash always makes my skin feel so soft and smooth & smells delicious.

Go-to gift: Candles. I love, love a beautiful candle. They’re affordable without being super indulgent.

What Katy takes on holiday: Like most beauty tragics, I take all my makeup & of course my Shanga skin care and my Aveda hair care.


Alyssa Morini

Junior Stylist | Colourist

Alyssa joined the team in 2018 as the Saturday junior. Lissy was born to be a hairdresser. Even in primary school, she would have a line of girls wanting for her to braid their hair at recess. Currently, styling and colouring hair is her favourite thing to do in the salon- especially bouncy blowdries.

Alyssa has a passion for lashes and brows and is a competent brow tech recently adding lash extensions to her repertoire.

Alyssa’s favourite products:

>>Botanical Repair Masque – Completely changed my hair care game. Made my hair feel and look super healthy and shiny after I had a big bleach job.

>>Nutriplenish Leave-in Spray – This gives my hair more shine and smoothness. Also keeps my mind at bay knowing it will protect my hair from the sun and UV rays.

Go-to gift: Always a Palm Beach or Aveda candle. You can never go wrong.

What Alyssa takes on holiday: Definitely my Botanical Repair travel sizes from Aveda. Perfect so it won’t take too much room in my suitcase.


Astrid Nuijen

Hair Stylist | Colourist

Originally from The Netherlands, Astrid has lived in Australia for 5 years now, and recently moved her family to the Shire in 2019. She has mainly worked in Aveda salons in Australia and back home and loves the opportunity to work with Aveda and an Australian organic brand – O&M. Astrid’s cutting, styling & colour work is beautifully executed and she is very passionate about her work.

She is a very down to earth stylist who is a good listener and is always happy to attend to her clients needs.

Astrid’s favourite products:

>>Everything AVEDA-  I LOVE this brand & what it stands for

Go-to gift: Shanga Gift Vouchers of course. Everybody loves a gift they can use to pamper themselves in the way they choose. Or, Palm Beach Candles – a selection of beautiful fragrances and sizes to suit every taste.

What Astrid takes on holiday: Shanga starter kit. Perfect travel size cleanser, mist and moisturiser, And sun care.


Daniela Caltabiano:

Stylist | Colourist

Daniela has been in the industry for over 18 years on the salon floor. She has always been passionate about everything hair and enjoys helping people get the right look that compliments their lifestyle. With a particular love for O&M hair care because of the results the range offers, Daniela enjoys the changes she sees in her client’s results when using it. She has a natural love for the industry and is an all rounder when it comes to hairdressing. Her specialities are colour and hair extensions. She also loves styling for weddings & functions. She always ensures you will receive outstanding service from the moment you walk into the salon to the time that you leave with beautiful hair.

Daniela’s favourite products:

>>Desert Dry – builds on texture

>>Frizzy Logic – makes a blowdry easy to achieve giving smooth silky hair.

Go-to gift: I am so passionate about hair care, that pretty much all my gift giving revolves around haircare…I mean, who doesn’t love great hair

What Daniela takes on holiday: Eyebrow pencil, mineral foundation, know knott, frizzy logic , shanga skincare



Trisha Tsoloudis

Beauty Therapist

Trisha has worked in the beauty industry for over 20 years and throughout her journey has met thousands of soulful women who are not only ready to unveil a new appearance through new brows and organic skincare but who also understand the true power of inner beauty. She is motivated by that light which reflects in all of the women whom she is blessed to meet. She works with daughters, sisters, wives, mothers, aunts and grandmothers and understands we all have a unique gift to offer the world. Her gift is to create a sanctuary for women to transform inside and out.

Trisha’s favourite products:

>>Wow Brow Powder – I love the results and staying power

>>Infusion Oils – removes excess oil and debris!

Go-to gift: Gift voucher for the Renew Facial. It is the full shebang and has everything you could want in a pampering treatment

What Trisha takes on holiday: Can’t go without my travel size Shanga skincare and the AVEDA Speed of light to help get my hair dry and styled quickly


Madison Cleary

Beauty Therapist

Maddie started in beauty as a way to help women feel good about themselves and achieve their goals. Having completed her diploma in Beauty Therapy, Maddie joined the team at Shanga in 2020.  An all rounder, Maddie enjoys all aspects of beauty therapy and is looking forward to learning some of the more advanced treatments offered at Shanga.

Maddies’s favourite products:

>>Papaya Enzyme Peel – I love the results without having to scrub your face.

>>Infusion Oils – removes excess oil and debris!

Go-to gift: Gift voucher for the Renew Facial. It is the full shebang and has everything you could want in a pampering treatment

What Madison takes on holiday: Can’t go without my travel size Shanga skincare and the AVEDA Speed of light to help get my hair dry and styled quickly


Jordan Harrower

Beauty Therapist

Jordan started her Beauty Therapy journey right here at Shanga. After leaving school, Jordan secured an apprenticeship where she quickly realised her passion for lash extensions and massage.

Jordan’s favourite products:

>>Body Polish – I love the smoothing results.

>>Infusion Oils – removes excess oil and debris!

Go-to gift: Candles, candles, candles

What Jordan takes on holiday: Can’t go without my travel size Shanga skincare and the AVEDA Speed of light to help get my hair dry and styled quickly


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